Ep. 105: Apprentice to Murder

New World Pictures Podcast
New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 105: Apprentice to Murder
Will you survive this episode of DIEcember? Listen closely students so you don’t miss a single detail of 1988’s APPRENTICE TO MURDER! 

Don’t let the vague online summary fool you: “The small beautiful Pennsylvania Dutch community is rocked by a series of bizarre events which lead to a web of deception, violence and murder. APPRENTICE TO MURDER is a story of Infatuation with love, dreams and out-of-world temptations.” OUT OF WORLD TEMPTATIONS, you say??? We’re in! Follow hunky, star student Chad Lowe as he hides from rabid dogs, tans some hides while shirtless, sketches Mia Sara, and learns what he can from the mysterious Donald Sutherland. 

Join us as we scratch the surface of what it means to practice Pow Wow, finally settle the score on which Baldwin brother is the sexiest, and the explore the unique experience of going under under.

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Director: Ralph L. Thomas

Writers: Wesley Moore, Allan Scott

Stars: Donald Sutherland, Chad Lowe, Mia Sara