New World Pictures was an independent film production and distribution company founded by Roger Corman and Gene Corman in 1970.  A lot has been written about New World Pictures here, and here, and here and even here

In the early days, New World Pictures primarily focused on making low budget movies.  These includes exploitation movies like THE BIG DOLL HOUSE, horror movies like RABID, and action/sci-fi movies including DEATH RACE 2000.  They hired new and emerging talent to keep costs low.  Many of the most accomplished filmmakers today including James Cameron, Jonathan Demme, Penelope Spheeris,  Ron Howard, and Daniel Waters got their first break with New World Pictures.   

Roger Corman sold New World Pictures in 1983.  With new ownership, the company turned their attention to attracting a wider audience.  In the process, they established horror, comedy and action franchises that continue to resonate with audiences today including HEATHERS, HELLRAISER, and everyone’s favorite, WARLOCK.

As teenagers, our weekends started on Friday night when we went to the local video looking to rent a stack of movies to keep us entertained for the next 48 hours.  More often than not, the new releases were already gone leaving us to wander the isles looking for the grossest, scariest, most outlandish movies we could find.  Titles including CHILDREN OF THE CORNDEATHSTALKER and RETURN OF THE KILLER TOMATOES became standard rental fair.  It wasn’t long before we identified the New World Pictures logo on the side of the VHS box as a short cut to find what we wanted.  

Fast forward to the mid-90’s, Marc and frequent guest host, Justin Grams, launched the “New World Pictures Online” website on Geocities.  The website was the only online destination to read reviews at New World Pictures films.  The site hung around for 10+ years before the Geocities servers were taken down and the site disappeared forever.  

In 2019, Ryan, Erica and Marc were discussing starting a podcast (because the podcast market wasn’t already chock full of movie review shows) and the subject of New World Pictures came up again.  The timing couldn’t have been better.  Physical media companies were finding these movies and re-releasing them on Blu-Ray.  Finally, we could watch these movies the way they were meant to be viewed and talk about them the way they were meant to be talked about.

An Episode focuses on a single movie produced or distributed by New World Pictures.  We talk about the movie and share our favorite scenes, the things we loved and the things we hated.

Bonus Episodes are where we talk with the people who worked at New World Pictures and the creators behind the movies.  We also rank our favorite and least favorite entries in popular franchises including Children of the Corn and Hellraiser.  

New episodes come out every Monday.  Sometimes they’re out in the morning.  Sometimes they come out at night.  It’s always a surprise.

A NWPPVIP is a “New World Pictures Podcast Very Important Person”.  Being a NWPPVIP gets you the utmost respect by the hosts and fans of the podcast.  Outside of that, it has no redeemable value.