Ep. 124: Dead End Drive In

Dead End Drive In
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Ep. 124: Dead End Drive In
We kick off #SCI-FI-JULY Presents: Dystopian Summer with one of the all time classic Australian dystopian action films, 1986’s DEAD END DRIVE IN.  Directed by Brian Trenchard-Smith and starring Ned Manning and Natalie McCurry, DEAD END DRIVE IN has everything you want from a movie set in a dystopian future – crazy car chases, crazier outfits and a drive in movie theater where you can get in, but you can’t get out.

With a killer soundtrack and a wild set piece, it’s hard not to love DEAD END DRIVE IN.  We were so excited to talk about this movie that we had to break away from our usual episode structure.  Why wait for “final questions” when we can ask throughout the episode?  We talk about unconventional workout routines, Marc’s love of Pepsi (of course), the evolution of drive-in theater technology, fashion forward hairstyles and blanket issues.  This episode also holds the record for the most times we’ve said the word, “dystopian” in a single episode. 

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Director: Brian Trenchard-Smith

Writers: Peter Smalley, Peter Carey

Stars: Ned Manning, Natalie McCurry, Peter Whitford