Ep. 104 Hellgate

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Ep. 104 Hellgate
From the people that brought you Hellraiser and Night Patrol (you read that right) comes 1989’s HELLGATE.  This movie stars Ron Palillo (Welcome Back Kotter) and a group of actors who weren’t in Welcome Back Kotter as students (?) who’s weekend getaway turns to terror when they’re lured to a ghost town (?) called Hellgate.  

This movie has everything.  Is it a horror movie?  Is it a sci-fi movie?  Is it a comedy?  Is it a producer’s attempt to showcase their enviable car collection?  The answer to all these questions is, “yes”.  

We talk about the sadly overlooked traveling model industry, the lasting appeal of 1950’s diners, and the challenges with using metal plates instead of band aids.  We also talk about boners more in this episode then ever before so you have that to look forward to.  We also debate whether Josie (the lead ghost in the movie) is trying to seduce Matt (Ron Palillo) for love or just so that he’ll take over her daily chores.  

This movie ranks high on our “fun meter”.  If you liked ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE, then you owe yourself to take HELLGATE out for a spin.  Just watch out for brick walls.

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Director: William A. Levey

Writers: Michael O’Rourke

Stars: Ron Palillo, Abigail Wolcott, Carol Trichardt