Ep. 98: Zombie Nightmare featuring Dirk Marshall

Zombie Nightmare
New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 98: Zombie Nightmare featuring Dirk Marshall
This months starts #VIDtober, where we exclusively discuss the movies released by New World Video! We being back guest Dirk Marshall of the VH US Podcast to help us break down 1987’s Canadian tax shelter movie ZOMBIE NIGHTMARE! Adam West headlines a movie filled with so many choices, he doesn’t even show up for 45 minutes! It all starts with a group of trendy teens, played by Tia Carrere and director (and bad boy) Shawn Levy, who accidentally kill a heroic baseball player who loves Wheat Germ.  But, as they soon find out, dead men have a way of returning, with milky eyes and an occasional limp!  Listen as we marvel at this delightful film and the world it contains, where the best cheese is bought at liquor stores, tennis is the purest aphrodisiac, and everyone is one jacuzzi dip away from getting pink mouth! Find Dirk here: https://twitter.com/VHUS_Podcast Find VH US here: https://vh-us.com/

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Directors: Jack Bravman, John Fasano

Writers: John Fasano, David Wellington

Stars: Adam West, Jon Miki thor, Tia Carrere