Ep. 96: Cover Girl Models featuring Ali Davis

Cover Girl Models
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Ep. 96: Cover Girl Models featuring Ali Davis
Writer/performer Ali Davis returns to the podcast as we continue #SEXtember with 1975’s COVER GIRL MODELS! This Cirio Santiago-directed film follows the exploits of three models and the sleazy photographer they are friends with for no good reason as they travel to Hong Kong for musical montages of photoshoots, a runway show, a dance contest, and, briefly and confusingly, an international incident of some kind! We discuss the fashion (gowns), the proper place to hide microfilm, the sexiness of houseboats, tossing away a gun like a frisbee, and, for airport enthusiasts, LAX!! Don’t miss another exciting episode of #SEXtember! We’re comfortable!

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Director: Cirio H. Santiago

Writers: Howard R. Cohen

Stars: Pat Anderson, Lindsey Bloom, Tara Strohmeier