Ep. 95: Nice Girls Don’t Explode with Jessica Young

New World Pictures Podcast
New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 95: Nice Girls Don't Explode with Jessica Young
Jessica Young (co-host of the Rants ‘n Raves podcast) returns to the podcast as we continue our tawdry journey through #SEXtember with 1987’s Nice Girls Don’t Explode – a movie that is everything and nothing you’d expect with the title, “Nice Girls Don’t Explode”.

For a movie that explores a young woman’s tendency to spontaneously start fires each time she feels amorous, there are a lot of questions and we attempt to answer them all.  We also talk about Pauly Shore’s 2021 podcast, bad cat sound voice-overs, and the lack of bun squeezing in modern cinema.  All of this will make sense once you listen, trust us.  Erica also covers her latest thoughts on “Steamin'”.  

Also, you should watch 1991’s Hot Shots.  It wasn’t made by New World Pictures but it’s funny.