Ep. 92: Shadow Play

shadow play
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Ep. 92: Shadow Play
Our #AuGHOST month continues with our most terrifying selection yet (that is, if you find local theater terrifying): 1986’s SHADOW PLAY!¬† The directorial debut of writer/director Susan Shadburne, this features plenty of star power in the form of Dee Wallace Stone and Cloris Leachman, as it explores a playwright who loses her fiance to suicide (but, you know, not exactly) and takes 7 years to work through it by moving in with his mother and brother in the Pacific Northwest. In this episode, Marc’s explores his love of Henry Weinhardt’s beer, Erica professes her desire to play agent to Wallace Stone’s playwright, and Ryan falls in love with the small theatre troupe reading Wallace Stone’s (confusing) words! Plus, we discuss the film’s epic love scene! Could it be the best we’ve ever seen? Listen and find out!

Shadow Play Gallery


Director: Susan Shadburne

Writer: Susan Shadburne

Stars: Dee Wallace Stone, Cloris Leachman, Ron Kuhlman