Ep. 90: Def-Con 4 featuring Tommy Bechtold

Def Con 4
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Ep. 90: Def-Con 4 featuring Tommy Bechtold
Joining us to finish off #SciFiJuly is our friend, comedian and actor Tommy Bechtold (The Middle, New Rockstars YouTube Channel), who almost watched another movie altogether but finally caught DEF-CON 4, writer/director Paul Donovan’s post-apocalyptic tale of love, survival, and unseasoned steaks! We discuss post-nuclear hut-building, DEF-CON 4’s iconic poster, the incredible amount of spices one needs to survive in space, the Genie’s, and whether DEF-CON 4 influenced INTERSTELLAR!  Don’t miss this laugh-filled deep dive into a movie you at least always thought about renting! Follow Tommy here: https://twitter.com/tommybechtold https://www.twitch.tv/tommyb833

Def-Con 4 Gallery


Directors: Paul Donovan, Digby Cook, Tony Randel

Writer: Paul Donovan

Stars: Lenore Zann, Maury Chaykin, Kate Lynch