Ep. 88: Cries and Whispers

Cries and Whispers
New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 88: Cries and Whispers
As they say, “all gloomy things must come to an end”.  We wave goodbye to to JUNE GLOOM with a movie that isn’t short on tears – Ingmar Bergman’s TEARS AND WHISPERS. This movie which deals the fractured relationship between three sisters as one of the sisters is dying of cancer is long on atmosphere and short on action.  It won an Academy Award for cinematography.  Some of us loved the slow, methodic pacing.  Others of us though the movie was 4 hours long. CRIES AND WHISPERS also shows that people who tend to be dramatic tend to surround themselves with other dramatic people.  Often, this results in a perpetual “drama-off” where one party tries to “out drama” the other.  Found out your spouse has had an affair?  Respond by stabbing yourself in the gut with a sword.  Or was it a letter opener?  We’ll never know.  Regardless, DRAMA.

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Director: Ingmar Bergman

Writer: Ingmar Bergman

Stars: Harriet Andersaan, Liv Ullmann, Kari Sylwan