Ep. 74: Death Before Dishonor featuring Frank Garcia-Hejl

Death Before Dishonor
The New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 74: Death Before Dishonor featuring Frank Garcia-Hejl
Finally, Cannon and New World Pictures join forces to discuss a film where other people join forces to take out other forces!  Of course, we’re talking about our guest, writer/performer and co-host of The Cannon Canon Podcast Frank Garcia-Hejl, and our Cannon-iest movie yet, DEATH BEFORE DISHONOR, starring football player-turned TV star Fred Dryer!  Based on real events, we’ll get into all the pertinent issues of the film, including: the job industries of the fictional country Jamal, the best drillbits to puncture a hand, and how wonderful it was when the lady throws the cat! Don’t miss this collaboration between two podcasts who are both dedicated to dead movie studios or you’ll make Gorky Pork angry!

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Director: Terry Leonard

Writer: John Gatliff

Stars: Fred Dwyer, Brian Keith, Joseph Gian