Ep. 67: Angel III: The Final Chapter

Angel 3
New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 67: Angel III: The Final Chapter
As we are want to do here at the NWPP, we start at the end of the franchise and work our way back, which is why we are dipping our toes into the ANGEL franchise first with ANGEL III: THE FINAL CHAPTER! For part III, writer/director Tom DeSimone (REFORM SCHOOL GIRLS) steps in to guide Molly/Angel in her next adventure which goes all the way to New York City and straight back to Hollywood so Angel (Mitzi Kapture) can save her sister from a drug smuggling, human trafficker (Maud Adams). In this episode, we discuss our various forms of face blindness, how Richard Roundtree smartly outsourced police work, and attempt to rename Spanky’s Ice Cream company! Plus, Erica learns a little about Steely Dan! 


Director Tom DeSimone

Writers Robert Vincent O’Neil, Josheph Michael Cala, Tom DeSimone

Stars Mitzi Kapture, Mark Blankfield, Emile Beaucard