Ep. 114: Heart

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Ep. 114: Heart
We continue #MarchMadness with 1987’s HEART starring Brad Davis (MIDNIGHT EXPRESS), Frances Fisher (UNFORGIVEN) and Steve Buscemi (EVERY OTHER MOVIE YOU LIKE). 

At the heart of HEART lies Eddie, a boxer beset by misfortune who seeks the elusive “big win.” More than just possessing a formidable right hook, Eddie is distinguished by his immense drive and unwavering heart.  Get it?

Like a lot of boxing movies, HEART leads up to a final big fight, but there’s a trick.  A mobster has bribed Eddie’s promoter, Nicky (Steve Buscemi), and manager, Buddy (Frank Adu) to fix the fight.  If this sounds like THE PRIZE FIGHTER without the comic sensibilities of Tim Conway and Don Knotts you would be right.  Also, there’s no musical number in HEART.

While Eddie gets himself into fighting shape, we talk about smelling salts, difficult breakups and the value of having a generous vacation policy.  Marc uses the opportunity to talk about another unrelated movie he likes and Erica brings up a new angle for her eventually-to-be-made movie, STEAMIN’.  This episode has something for everyone.

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Director: James Lemmo

Writers: James Lemmo, Randy Jurgensen

Stars: Brad Davis, Frances Fisher, Steve Buscemi