Ep. 113: Raw Courage

Raw Courage
The New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 113: Raw Courage
We continue #MarchMadness with a movie that’s not exactly about sports per se, but does feature a lot of running which is not just a form of self-torture, as some might think, but a sport! The film is a passion project for actor Ronny Cox, who also co-wrote the movie with his wife Mary, and depicts Cox and two other runners as they become targets of a survivalist militant group in the New Mexico desert!  M. Emmet Walsh leads the group who warns of the terrifying, and wholly unexplained, “crunch” that is coming for us all,   We also discuss Marc’s new side podcast and nutrition drink, Erica feels good about a certain life choice, and Ryan gets grossed out by feet! Don’t miss this discussion of a rarely discussed New World film!

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Director: Robert L. Rosen

Writers: Mary Cox, Ronny Cox

Stars: Ronny Cox, Art Hindle, M. Emmet Walsh