Ep. 108: Godzilla 1985 featuring Ali Davis

New World Pictures Podcast
New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 108: Godzilla 1985 featuring Ali Davis
Finally, Godzilla returns! And this time, he’s sleepier than ever! 

After 9 years away from the box office, Japanese film studio Toho decided they need to expedite another GODZILLA movie and created 1984’s THE RETURN OF GODZILLA. That film ended up in the hands of New World Pictures, who chopped it up and added extra American footage starring none other than Raymond Burr, who appeared in the Americanized version of the original Japanese movie, and the result is GODZILLA 85, a movie only New World could make! We’ll discuss alternate ways of dispersing Godzilla, birds, the film’s unique marketing strategy, cadmium, and, of course, Dr. Pepper! 

Joining us is a returning guest, writer and performer Ali Davis, who brings with her a love of GODZILLA movies and many questions about the film’s (surprisingly) confusing plot! Don’t miss the discussion of this New World classic.

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Directors: Koji Hashimoto, R.J. Kizer, Ishiro Honda

Writers: Reuben Barcovitch, Fred Dekker, Akira Murao

Stars: Raymond Burr, Keiju Kobayashi, Ken Tanaka