Ep. 107: Lady Frankenstein with Chris Iannacone

Lady Frankenstein
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Ep. 107: Lady Frankenstein with Chris Iannacone
In this #Monstruary episode we attempt to satisfy all your strange desires with 1971’s Lady Frankenstien, directed by former Roger Corman regular Mel Welles (THE LITTLE SHOP OF HORRORS). This spin on a classic tale was shot with an international cast, headlined by former Orson Welles regular Joseph Cotten. It’s a real Welles-fest! Joining us in piecing this all together is the electric Chris Iannacone from Get Me Another podcast, you won’t want to miss hearing this episode come to life.

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Lady Frankenstein Gallery


Directors: Mel Welles, Aureliano Luppi

Writers: Dick Randall, Edward Di Lorenzo, Mel Welles

Stars: Joseph Cotten, Rosalba Neri, Paul Muller