Ep. 101: Night Patrol

Night Patrol
New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 101: Night Patrol
Welcome to #NIGHTvember where we will spend the month talking about movies with “night” in the title! Kicking off our month of night is the wacky, chaotic comedy by director Jackie Kong, Night Patrol!  Join us on our pursuit of what works in this film, including special shout outs to Linda Blair, the Unknown Comic, and an Erica favorite, – showbiz agent character! We toss out our usual show structure and follow the trail of wherever the night (patrol) takes us! We promise no animals were harmed in the recording of this podcast. For more information about the podcast, go to http://www.newworldpicturespodcast.com.

Night Patrol Gallery


Director: Jackie King

Writers: Murray Langston, William A. Levey, Bill Osco

Stars: Linda Blair, Pat Paulson, Jaye P. Morgan