Ep. 100: I Like to Hurt People featuring Brian James O’Connell

I Like to Hurt People
New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 100: I Like to Hurt People featuring Brian James O'Connell
Our penultimate episode of VIDtober, our celebration of the movies released by New World Video, is also our 100th New World movie!  Appropriately, we’re discussing Donald G. Jackson’s I LIKE TO HURT PEOPLE, a documentary? Sports film? Slasher? Whatever it may be, it contains a lot of wrestling! Even PRINCESS BRIDE actor Andre the Giant wrestles in it! Joining us is returning guest Brian James O’Connell, a director, writer, and wrestling fan, who sorts out the whole world of 1970’s and early 80’s wrestling world for us, teaching us about “jobbers” and the 5 motivations for a wrestler (we even add one more)! Plus, we go into what this movie was originally going to be, and what we discovered was, well, A LOT. You won’t believe your ears (nor should you, if they talk to you)! Follow Brian here: https://twitter.com/b3OC https://www.instagram.com/b3oc/?hl=en For more about the podcast, head to https://newworldpicturespodcast.com/

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Director: Donald G. Jackson

Writers: Nobody?

Stars: Abdullah the Butcher, Andre the Giant, Denny Alberts, Heather Feather