Ep. 93: House

New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 93: House
To end out #AuGHOST, a celebration of the ghost films released by New World Pictures, we talk about a movie that started a franchise (albeit one New World only half participated In): HOUSE! The film about a haunted house taken over by a deceased owner’s nephew with his own strange history brought director Steve Miner and producer Sean S. Cunningham into the New World fold, just as they had finished working on the first three FRIDAY THE 13TH films! Miner would quickly become a go-to director for New World, while Cunningham would shepherd the rest of the franchise, which we will rank in this episode!Also we will discuss the incredible George Wendt, how to flirt your way into getting free babysitting, the wrong way to cook a microwave dinner, and Marc’s fascination with toilet flushing! We’ve had a great time during this #AuGHOST, and HOUSE is the perfect way to close it out!

House Gallery


Director: Steve Minor

Writers: Fred Dekker, Ethan Wiley

Stars: William Katt, Kay Lenz, George Wendt