Ep. 50: Black Moon Rising – featuring Ed Illades

New World Pictures Podcast
New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 50: Black Moon Rising - featuring Ed Illades
We brought on writer and editor Ed Illades to talk about 1986’s Black Moon Rising, directed by our pal Harley Cokeliss from a script originally written by John Carpenter!  We discuss what sets this film apart from other action films, why Lee Ving is so good at finding Tommy Lee Jones, and why Linda Hamilton is just so damn good in everything she does! Other topics include: how one gets fired from NASA, the best cure for a concussion, and why it’s important for a car thief to dress like a schoolteacher.


Director Harley Cokeliss

Writers John Carpenter, Desmond Nakano, William Gray

Stars Tommy Lee Jones, Linda Hamilton, Robert Vaughn