Ep. 73: Angel of Death

Angel of Death
The New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 73: Angel of Death
We kick off #Deathcember, our celebration of New World movies with the word “death” in them, with ANGEL OF DEATH, from both director Jess Franco and Andrea Bianchi! We frequently say on the NEW WORLD PICTURES PODCAST that you don’t need to see the movie to enjoy the episode.  While ANGEL OF DEATH is no different, it’s practically impossible to accurately describe this movie.  Is it about a Jewish commando team hunting Dr. Mengele in Paraguay?  Yes. It’s ALSO about Dr. Mengele’s experiments combining humans with apes.  It’s ALSO about Wolfgang von Backey recruiting an army to turn South America into a Nazi stronghold.  It’s ALSO about the curious courtship rituals employed by the Nazis.  It’s ALSO about carnivals.  It’s ALSO about leisurely phone calls in bed.  It’s ALSO about blueberry pie punches to the face.   You should see this movie.  


Director: Andrea Bianchi, Jess Franco 

Writers: Georges Friedland, Marius Lesoeur,  Jesus Franco

Stars: Christopher Mitchum, Suzanne Andrews, Fernando Rey