Ep. 80: Women in Cages

Women in Cages
New World Pictures Podcast
Ep. 80: Women in Cages
Join us as we kick off Prison March, an entire month dedicated to a few of New World’s many, many, many women in prison films.  Our first Prison March selection is 1971’s WOMEN IN CAGES which features sex at sea, organized crime, and a cock fight – all within the first six minutes!  The NWPP team will treat you like a dignitary as they walk you through important lessons to keep in mind should your untrustworthy boyfriend get you wrongfully imprisoned, such as: always double-check your sandwiches, remember that candlesticks are stronger than you think, don’t play too rough with Pam Grier, and the Zulu Queen on-board activities are limited, so book early!  Tune in to this episode, or we’ll send the mercenaries after you, and they will stop at nothing to find you!

Women in Cages Gallery


Director: Gerardo de Leon

Writers: James H. Watkins, David Osterhout

Stars: Pam Grier, Judith Brown, Roberta Collins