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Cross country

Razor-edged suspense thriller.

“Cross Country” is a thrilling action-adventure film released in 1983, directed by Paul Lynch. Set against the backdrop of the rugged American wilderness, the movie follows a group of young friends whose cross-country road trip takes a dangerous turn when they become embroiled in a high-stakes smuggling operation.

At the heart of the story is Alex, portrayed with charismatic charm by Richard Beymer, who leads his friends on an epic journey across the country in search of adventure and freedom. Alongside Alex are his girlfriend Sharon, played by Nina Axelrod, and their friends Eddie, played by Doug McClure, and Marcy, played by Kristina Wayborn.

Their carefree road trip takes a perilous turn when they encounter a group of ruthless smugglers led by the sinister Max, portrayed with chilling menace by John Saxon. Unwittingly drawn into the criminal underworld, Alex and his friends find themselves caught in a deadly game of cat and mouse as they race to outwit their adversaries and survive the treacherous journey.

As tensions escalate and betrayals mount, the group must rely on their wits, resourcefulness, and unwavering bond of friendship to navigate the perilous terrain and overcome seemingly insurmountable odds. Along the way, they encounter a colorful cast of characters, including the resourceful mechanic Jake, played by Robert Pine, and the enigmatic hitchhiker Angie, played by Vicki Kriegler, each with their own motives and secrets.

With its pulse-pounding action sequences, breathtaking cinematography, and standout performances, “Cross Country” is a riveting cinematic experience that captures the thrill of the open road and the resilience of the human spirit in the face of danger. Supported by a talented ensemble cast that includes such notable actors as Diane Ladd, Cliff Emmich, and Kathleen Cody, the film remains a cult favorite among fans of action-adventure cinema, showcasing the enduring appeal of a classic road trip gone awry.