Abel Ferrara: The T.V. Years by Ryan Gowland

Director Abel Ferrara is nearly synonymous with New York City, despite currently living in Italy for over twenty years, which may be why Quentin Tarantino thought of Ferrara as “the new Scorsese” after he saw 1981’s MS. 45. He wasn’t the only one to make the comparison, in his review, critic Gene Siskel called 1984’s…

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Whispers and Cries: How Roger Corman and New World Pictures Got Into the Art Film Business

By Ryan Gowland As we finish off our month of #JuneGloom selections, we saw a lot of responses from people that were unaware of New World’s association with Ingmar Bergman and CRIES AND WHISPERS (check out our episode here). It’s easy to see Roger Corman, the person most associated with New World Pictures even in…

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New World Pictures and the Women in Prison Film

By Ryan Gowland New World’s fascination with the “women in prison” film can be blamed on two things: the Philippines and Larry Woolner. When Roger Corman started New World Pictures in 1970, he wasn’t immediately sure what kind of films he was going to make. He was already locked into a two-film deal with United…

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