Nearly New World: Night of the Creeps (1986)

New World Pictures Podcast
New World Pictures Podcast
Nearly New World: Night of the Creeps (1986)
We push the limits of what we mean by “nearly New World” with this bonus episode where we talk about 1986 classic, Night of the Creeps starring Jason Lively (Blake’s brother), Jill Whitlow (not related to the Lively family) and Tom Atkins in the role he was destined to play.This may be the most “stream of consciousness” episode we’ve ever recorded.  In addition to talking about Night of the Creeps we also discuss (in no particular order):
  • Hot dog condiments
  • Erica’s hypothetical radio show on 103.5 hosted by Erica Sherrica
  • Dorm rooms
  • Erica’s sleeping pillow rules
  • Mama’s Family
  • Weekend-long college parties
  • The cooling effect of ceiling fans
  • Robocop 3
  • Night Zoo
There’s something for everyone.  So, gather your family around the modern-day radio and enjoy Nearly New World: Night of the Creeps.

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Director: Fred Dekker

Writer: Fred Dekker

Stars: Jason Lively, Jill Whitlow, Tom Atkins, Steve Marshall