Bonus Episode: Our first “Nearly New World” episode

The New World Pictures Podcast
The New World Pictures Podcast
Bonus Episode: Our first "Nearly New World" episode
L-l-l-late b-b-b-bonus episode.  Sorry for the delay but we hope it will be worth it as we talk about STEEL AND LACE, a movie that could have and should have been made by New World Pictures but wasn’t.  We get into the most important parts of this sci-fi thriller including the intricacies of property management and whether Gaily Morton, the film’s lead, is a robot, droid, or cyborg.  We also debate whether Gilly is, in fact, the lead.

In addition to STEEL AND LACE, we review 2022’s TEXAS CHAINSAW MASSACRE where the vote is split down the middle.  Ryan and Erica talk about AMBULANCE and Marc shares a little about SLAUGHTERHOUSE ROCK.  Somewhere in the middle, Erica and Marc lose trust in Ryan and Erica reveals her hidden talent for stenography.  This episode covers a lot of ground.  Probably too much.  Hope you enjoy.