Erika - The Performer


IMDB Description:

A pretty 20-year-old German woman, Erika, arrives in a Sicilian village, guest of the elderly baron Giovanni Laurana, already a friend of her mother. Free and open-minded – she had early experiences – the young woman does not hesitate to indulge in Renato, the elder son of the baron, destined for a marriage of convenience with Concettina, a girl from the village. While the same baron, bitter Don Juan, struggling to restrain his attraction for Erika, the younger son, Luca – back, after a long absence in his father’s house – falls in love with the young man, making him believe he loves for the first time, also grants his thanks to him. On the eve of Erika’s return to Germany, the baron has a sudden attack of paralysis. Going to Catania to call a doctor, Luca discovers, on his return, the young man in the arms of Renato, for which, desperate, he kills himself. Match Erika, Renato marries Concettina.

Letterboxd Description:

A free-spirited young German woman arrives to stay with an aristocratic family in Sicily, causing havoc to their lives.